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NES Global has developed extensive capabilities in pre mobilisation and assignment support that differentiates our services from that of the competition. In particular, the development of NES Security Support, together with a leading business risk consultancy, recognises that agencies can no longer absolve themselves of the operational risk that contract personnel face when mobilised abroad. In complex environments such as those found in Africa and parts of the Middle East, NES Global has developed a reputation for excellence in the handling of risks through the development of a range of services that lead to enhanced contractor and client confidence in NES derived by successful mobilisations. 

Although NES recognises that security often resides in the operational control of the client in project locations, individuals have a distinct role to fulfil in their personal security. This understanding has allowed the development of two integrated services that are available to contract personnel and their families whilst mobilised via NES. These are designed to sit alongside a client’s security infrastructure and as such complement existing arrangements by improving situational awareness, provision of information and timely advice. 


As part of an integrated service, NES provides access to an online security information service – CityBrief which provides independent analysis of the latest political, security and travel developments in over 300 cities worldwide. This objective advice, provided by the business risk consultancy – Control Risks, focuses on how security developments are likely to affect businesses, their operations and interests and their travellers. CityBrief identifies trends and forecasts developments, providing an early warning of deteriorating conditions or reassurance that improvements are ahead. Its key features are:

  • Concise travel- and security-focused guides on more than 300 cities.
  • Combination of travel and security analysis and practical tips for a safe business trip with specific advice for women travellers.
  • Highlights crime hotspots and areas to avoid where appropriate in each city.
  • Constantly updated with new stories and analysis on the day’s news.
  • All 300 plus cities have a risk rating from a seven-point scale giving users a quick indicator as to how safe each city is as a destination.

Updated daily, CityBrief’s information provides the basis upon which NES Security Support’s incident management system operates. Underpinning the whole service, CityBrief essentially allows for the first step of information provision in non urgent circumstances to be delivered directly to the user and can be accessed via NES’s Internet when mobilised via NES.

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NES Security Support 

An additional feature of NES Security Support is the 365 days-a-year security and incident management support service provided to NES contractors and their families from a 24 hour operations centre based in London. Primarily aimed at NES Global personnel, working on assignments outside of the UK, it is staffed by multi-lingual security consultants and provides extended personal security and incident management services in a manner that: 

§         Reduces risk to personnel through practical hands-on advice

§         Reduces the stress of an incident, should one occur, to contractors and their families

§         Proactively manages security issues through individual active monitoring, if requested

§         Allows real-time passage of information to family members, in the event of an incident

§         Provides contractors and their families access to (fully briefed) security consultants who are trained in the management of security issues in the contractors’ respective host country.

Combined with CityBrief, NES Security Support is designed to provide 3 levels of service from non-urgent, through urgent, to active monitoring. The service is structured around a 3-step approach to the management of security situations based on the provision of information, support and management expertise.  

How to contact NES Security Support 

NES Security Support can be activated 24 hours, 365 days-a-year, by calling +44 (0)207 939 8674 or by emailing:  

This is a dedicated line specifically for NES contractors and their families. 

The fully integrated services allow for enhanced situational awareness and increased support from experts in the unlikely event of an incident occurring. Furthermore, the services allow NES to respond effectively in the crucial early stages of an incident and as such improve the management of any event with the associated benefits of successful incident resolution and enhanced contractor confidence in NES.

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